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Data science is a field that has revolutionized many industries and sectors such as academia and health care. In fact, it is considered by Havard Business Review as one of the sexiest jobs in the current century. Most of the companies have been struggling to manage data. This is attributed to expert limits and lack of time. This is a sector that involves data collection, evaluation, and utilization to optimize value. In fact, this is one of the emerging fields.

It requires expertise from the following areas statistics, social science, design, computer science and information science. It has offered rewarding career opportunities for many people. The data collected by data science analysts is also used in other areas such as meteorology in analyzing and predicting the weather patterns. Described here below are the main career opportunities in this field.

E-commerce analysts

e-commerce projected growth

These are professionals who are helpful in predicting what the consumers will buy in future. Wal-Mart is an example of e-commerce analyst. They are known for using the social media analysis when developing new products. They also use the available data in stocking the stores as well as determining product’s locations depending on the customers’ needs.

Predictive forensic

Predictive forensics is an area that is aimed at preventing crime. It is also known as predictive policing. It works b determining the key factors like the locations for various criminal activities, predicting the period of occurrence, and exploring preventive measures of stopping crime. It has been proven to be very effective in reducing the rate of crime in major cities such as Seattle.

Urban planners

urban planning

This is the professional who decide where signs or spotlights are to be insisted in the street. Planners or analysts rely on data such as speed rates, the frequency of fatalities, accident rates in making their decisions. They play an essential role improving g the urban environment or centers through analysis. For instance, they can study the flood patterns in a city to determine which trees need to be pruned.

Health care researcher

These professionals are responsible for determining the genetic patterns associated with diseases as well as tracking pandemic outbreaks. Data scientists have played to a significant impact in the health sector by capturing all the data affecting patients. They are also able to use the social media when collecting data.
Data science is one of the most popular areas that have created employment opportunities for many people. With the advancement in technology, this field is becoming more prevalent.